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New - Android (Exchange 2016)

1. From your Android home screen access your phone settings and then 'Accounts'. Then select 'Add Exchange ActiveSync' account.

2. Enter your 
Email address and Password. Mark 'Send email from this account by default' (available only if you have already added another email account) to set this as the default email account and then touch 'Next'

Your device will attempt to automatically find the additional details needed to set up your account. If it is successful, you will skip to Step 5. If it cannot automatically find the additional details needed, you will see the message 'Setup could not finish'. Touch 'Edit details' or ‘configure manually’ to enter the additional information manually

4. Verify the Exchange server settings are correct, and touch '

5. Review the 'Activation' screen. Un-mark the 'Always show' option if you do not want to see this message again when setting up an ActiveSync account, and touch 'OK'

The phone will then check the Exchanges Server settings and display the Remote Security Administration message;

Touch 'OK'

6. The 'Account options' screen allows you to select the following ActiveSync options:

: Options may vary depending on the type o
f account you are viewing.

7. Scroll to the bottom and touch 'Next'

8. Enter a name for the account. This will help you easily identify this account if you add other email accounts to your device. Then touch '

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